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Nyall, LLC, Principal Lobbyist, 2002 to present.

New York Capitol Consultants, Inc., 120 Washington Avenue, Albany, N.Y.
Position – Principal Lobbyist

NYCC represents several major petroleum refiners and their Chemical (Chevron Chemical) subsidiaries, the propane industry, and gas storage interests before the Executive Chamber, NYS Legislature, its Agencies and the City of New York, the New York City Council and before the legislative and executive branches of county and various local governments.

New York State Petroleum Council, (Division of the American Petroleum Institute, Washington, DC), Albany, New York
Associate Director, Assoc. Director (1974-88) Exec Dir., 89, Acting.
Position – Principal Lobbyist

Responsibilities: (1) Lobbying all matters affecting the petroleum industry before the New York State Legislature, Governor’s office, and state agencies. (2) Preparation, in consultation with industry-wide committees, of legislative memoranda, regulatory responses, veto requests, and requests for third party intervention. Supervision of public relations associate for distribution of press releases and media monitoring of industry profile. (3) Made editorial board visits on federal and state legislation and regulations including exploration and production, natural gas deregulation, tax policy, the clean air act, clean water act and marketing.

All state legislation and regulations organized for industry-wide distribution with memoranda of analysis on pertinent bills and proposed regulations in areas of marketing, taxation, environment, health, transportation, production and pipelines.

Federal activities include personal visits and written communication to Congress on Clean Air Act (Stage II Vapor Recovery), CERCLA (Superfund), natural gas deregulation, trade, tax policy issues (windfall profits tax), and FERC orders. All requests for third party assistance on these issues prepared and coordinated on a regular basis.

Local government activities include lobbying New York City Council and governments of localities and principal counties.


New York State Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Advisory Board, Chairman, 1981-2000
Appointed by Governor Hugh L. Carey, 1982; re-appointed by Governor Mario M. Cuomo, 1985 and 1993 (Public, non-compensated position).

Statutory duties (see 23-0311, ECL) of the 13-member board include analysis at earlier stage and advice to Department of Environmental Conservation on all matters affecting the indigenous oil and gas industry in New York. All actions and recommendations are disseminated to all ex-officio members including the Department of Public Service, Energy Office, and state geologists; and commissioners of Health, Agriculture and Markets and Commerce; legislative leaders and Attorney General. Major areas of concern include plugging of abandoned wells, cementing requirements, GEIS, brine disposal, gas compressor noise, regulation of production of Bass Island and Medina formations, gas marketing, transportation costs, gathering line regulation (Article 7), wetlands regulation and co-generation issues.

Governor’s Task Force on Administration of Taxes on Petroleum Businesses and Taxes, Member

The Task Force re-codified the motor fuel tax collection procedures (legislation enacted in 1985) significantly reducing the evasion of sales and excise tax on motor fuel in the amount of approximately $200 million. Re-codified Petroleum Gross Receipts Tax passed in the 1990 legislative session. Expected value of the tax is $300 million. Other members include industry representatives, plus New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, New York State Division of the Budget, Office of Counsel to Governor.

New York State Motor Fuels Tax Advisory Council, Member

Council was established by Article 12-A of the Tax Law to advise the Department of Taxation and Finance on all matters relating to the collection and administration of the motor fuels tax, including gasoline and diesel products. The Board comments on all relevant regulations, tax forms, technical service bulletins and legislation affecting motor fuels taxes. Meetings are held as needed and attended by the fiscal committees of both houses of the Legislature, the Department of Taxation and Finance, the Division of the Budget and the office of Counsel to the Governor.

Adjunct in Economics, Russell Sage College Evening Division, Albany, NY (1974-Present)

Taught introduction to public finance in new Masters of Public Administration program, (MPA) for two years (1978-80). Responsible for teaching upper division Macro, Managerial, Money and Credit, and Government Regulation of Business in Evening Division.

Adjunct in Economics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY (Spring 1993 and Fall 2008 to 2012).

Examiner, New York State Department of Civil Service, Albany, NY (1983-1985)

Examiner for positions in the Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Minerals.

Federal Home Loan Bank Board:
Nominated to Board of Directors (March 1988) Schenectady Federal Trust
Independent System Operator: Nominated by co-generators
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority: Technical Review Group


Russell Sage College, Albany, NY
Economics Instructor

Responsible for teaching Intro, Micro, Macro, Public Finance, Money and Banking, and Comparative, Managerial and Govt. Regulation of Business in B.A. and MPA programs

Elmira College, Elmira, NY
Economics Instructor

Responsible for teaching Intro, Micro, Macro, Money and Banking, International and Comparative.
Also taught Humanities for three years in freshman program.
Member of Financial Aid Committee and Committee on Computer Instruction.


BA, M.A. and all Ph.D. Credits, Fordham University, Bronx, NY
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (Summer, 1968)
General Electric Grant, Applied Economics, plus stipend, room, board and travel.
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Summer, 1969) National Education Administration, Computer Science. Stipend.