SENATE BILL 6843 “the all electric building act of 2021” would require all commercial and some mixed/residential buildings to be all electric and bans the issuance of permits by any govt. entity for building plans not in compliance. This bill has no assembly companion yet and forms part of plans of the state for electricity to be the sole source of power.

Senate 7321 by Senator Stec, et al., call calls for the public service commission to conduct a full cost benefits analysis of the technical and economic feasibility in the state of New York of CLCPA.

S-7465 would prohibit the use of “supply chain surcharges” on consumer goods and services where the display price of any good or service shall include all costs and charges.  The measure prohibits the “addition” of charge after the total.

Energy product prices were deregulated at the federal level and interference in the pricing of products is precluded. It is not clear the state has the authority to impose any conditions on pricing.

Senator Comrie appears to be protecting his constituents from activities of unscrupulous small businesses.

S7467  ORTT  No Same as
Add §99-x, Gen Muni L
Prohibits the governing board of a municipal corporation from adopting any law, ordinance, regulation or policy that prohibits, or has the effect of prohibiting, the connection or reconnection of a utility service to a customer based upon the type or source of energy to be delivered to the customer.