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Assm. Santabarbara’s 1451-A was reported from the Ag committee to codes.  His explanation and that of staff provided committee members a muddled, confused and inaccurate account of the bill and circumstances that motivated him 4 years ago.  Neither he nor counsel could provide a coherent explanation when asked about which party was liable for any mishap.  The bill provides that during an emergency – even a self-declared one – the non-owner of a tank may fill a tank owned by another company.

Review other the bills below followed this session.

The budget for ’21-22 is in process of examination for final approval by March 31, the deadline for the fiscal year.  The date is flexible since legislatures, on the last day of session, simply “stop the clock” or pass legally required items leaving other items for special sessions.  For reasons not fully understood the public and press place great significance on meeting the deadline though it does not matter in any material sense.

The calculation of tax revenues depends on the amounts coming in – greater than expected in this Covid year – any tax increases on millionaires broadly defined, stock transfers, low taxed investment income,  on certain business income plus federal bailout money, currently more than enough to make up for any Covid shortfalls and budget deficits from chronic overspending.  Planned expenditures for this period will be met easily and may provide some relief for-out years since NY is projected to receive about $20B.

Governor Cuomo’s execrations at all things Trump, popular amongst his followers, have been turned against him and he is in for a pernicious fight to hold his seat. The problem may be the oldest – careful what you ask for, you may get.  Simply put, Mr. Cuomo has performed moderately well on budgets in the past ten years, increased capital spending on infrastructure projects at current low interest rates, has been elevated to rock star status by the aforementioned “followers”, published a book, and received an award for his nationally televised Covid updates. Apparently followers did not detect his exaggerated pretension to goodness, used many times over the years, but now regard his handling of the Covid nursing home debacle as unforgivable but reports of sexual harassment reason for banishment. And worst of all, possible replacement by a progressive purveyor of sentimental daydreaming, enough to bring Senator Bernie Sanders back from Vermont for a visit.





NY A00862 Establishes the low carbon fuel standard of 2021; such standard is intended to reduce carbon intensity from the on-road transportation sector by 20% by 2032, with further reductions to be implemented based upon advances in technology. REFERRED TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION
NY A01168 Establishes a carbon dioxide emissions price for electric generation from carbon-based fuel and creates a carbon dioxide emissions fund. REFERRED TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION
NY A03000 Makes appropriations for the support of government – State Operations Budget. print number 3000a
NY A03352 Relates to extending the top state income tax rate; provides for an additional tax to be imposed on certain resident’s low-taxed investment income. referred to ways and means
NY A04595 Imposes additional tax on certain business income and on business income included in an individual’s New York taxable income. referred to ways and means
NY A04604 Imposes a progressive income tax structure for high income taxpayers. referred to ways and means
NY A04657 Declares a climate emergency threatening the state, nation and world; calls on the state to restore an optimal safe climate and to provide maximum protection from climate change to all people and species. enacting clause stricken
NY A05769 Enacts the New York emergency responder act limiting the liability of certain emergency responders. referred to governmental operations
NY S00918 Declares a climate emergency threatening the state, nation and world; calls on the state to restore an optimal safe climate and to provide maximum protection from climate change to all people and species. RECOMMIT, ENACTING CLAUSE STRICKEN
NY S04896 Creates the fundamental right of the people to have access to public information and to be provided notice of and to attend public meetings.