A synopsis of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s state of the state message is available at: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-hochul-

It contains modest goals expected from any governor and
especially a successor to Andrew Cuomo whose forced departure
provided an invitation for good-government initiatives, the usual tired
narrative, except for her proposal to limit statewide office holders to two
terms that has garnered little support.
Then there are all the bromides, bon mots, cliches and sacred coins of
the progressive realm: inclusivity, sustainability, disadvantaged and
those identified by the hieroglyphics accessible only to activists, semanticists, canon lawyers, the offended and classes of identity-

She mentioned accelerating planned tax cuts for “middleclass,
hardworking families” affected by Covid and life’s vicissitudes, made
worse by government policy and incompetence.
These initiatives will be fleshed out in the budget message issued next
week, an outline of state spending that should be viewed with two
things in mind: Last year the budget was swollen by about $5b in tax
increases and about $5-6 billion in federal Covid relief and spending
rose to about $220 B, about 12 billion more than had spending
proceeded at its previous rates of increase; Fiscal 22-23 revenue
projections will have to account for a loss of population of about
350,000 taxpayers, many high income tax generators for the state.
However, revenue projections appear to meet the financial plans of the
executive and both houses whose estimates are almost identical.
The state, like others, factors into its revenue projections “settlements”,
this year those from big PHARMA for pushing opioids on the vulnerable
at a high cost to society and the state. [Think tobacco settlements]

The climate change agenda and the bills to implement it have all
been advanced to the status they had last year and are expected to
move through the process.