Governor Andrew Cuomo is the subject of a report by the NYS Attorney who investigated his conduct after complaints of alleged sexual harassment of 11 women were made public.  The AG’s report is widely characterized as
“scathing” but the press and the growing mob asking for his head have neglected to report he  has not been charged with anything yet or that he is entitled to due process of law, and a thorough and impartial exploration of the facts by an ad hoc assembly committee given the task of determining impeachable offenses.  He is also the subject of inquiries by several DA’s around the state.  There must be some awareness by the political class that broaching the subject of sexual harassment could lead to the exposure of other self-styled lotharios who believe power is a substitute for nuanced interplay among the sexes.

Heretofore excessively praised by many, but not all, for his endless press conferences taking credit for handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fissures were already apparent as he struggled with and then went silent about under reporting of nursing home deaths attributable to his policies.  The federal government dropped its investigation of this malfeasance possibly because he was adjudged to be within his discretion (or a democrat like two other governors) to manipulate data that concealed mortality rates due to his orders to return critically ill elderly from hospitals to nursing homes where many succumbed or spread the virus to the most vulnerable population.  His version was at odds with his own health department report that asserted their more accurate, written account was altered by his staff.

His self-congratulatory publication with the potential earnings of $5 million dollars was undermined by reports he used staff to write and promote the book, a misuse and possibly criminal act of using state employees for personal gain.  Some may have felt embarrassed for him, preening and basking in the glow of worshipful acolytes, but few publicly stated so as he continued to condescend before the cameras for which he was awarded an Emmy an elusive and bizarre event where celebrity, politics and public policy often collide or collude.

He might survive the mishandling of COVID – 19 and the misuse of public employees but together with calls to resign from all quarters including the president, the New York’s US senators, the NYS senate majority leader, Mayor Di Blasio (pay back for Cuomo’s condign criticism of his incompetent leadership) and almost any politician of either party, he is contemplating his future from the executive mansion, his only home and possibly political bunker.  Mr. Cuomo may be disliked for his thuggish, aggressive personality but he is entitled to fair process even from his legion of enemies.